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Fri 6th Mar 2015 - 6:37pm Gaming News

GDC is winding down all too soon the show floor will start to look like a desolate wasteland of what was a confrence. As the lights dim the future will start growing virtually brighter, now as a bad play on words as that was it leads me to my point. GDC is a convention of industry folk presenting to other industry folk a showing off so to speak. GDC is all about the professionals, much of the general public doesn't get the chance to roam the show floor at such conventions as PAX. As per the norm games are much of the highlight of the overall show though new tech does take a close supporting role. With all the excitement flowing it is a great stage where you can dress to impress with your "new" item. Though it may not be fully ready you make it shiny and presentable to make it to GDC.

As stated above games are usually a highlight but look no farther than the technology field to see what ruled the show floor. Not just run of the mill technology was on display but much of it had to do with Virtual Reality and implementation into everything. 

Just a small glimpse into the talks:

"The Dawn of Mobile VR"

"Virtual Visuals: Key Lessons For Artists Working With VR"

"Advanced VR Rendering"

"Written On Your Eyeballs: Game Narrative in VR"

"Designing for Mobile VR in Dead Secret."

"VR For Indies."

"Beyond Immersion - Project Morpheus and PlayStation"

"VR Direct: How Nvidia Technology is Improving the VR Experience."

"Low Latency and Stutter-Free Rendering in VR and Graphics Applications"

Even though the list is at length short you can see that VR is the wave of the future. Big companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Google are throwing hats into the ring trying to jump the gun. Not only as home entertainment pieces but also as well with mobile devices adding in a virtual reality element there as well.





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