PGL Indy HCS Review

Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 3:01am General News

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Noble eSports and their affiliates.


The last LAN until finals for the Halo Championship Series (HCS) Season 2 concluded last weekend. This would be the last time teams could jostle for some more HCS points. Some teams, like Noble eSports, were trying to make it in the Top 8 as some were locked in. The $50,000 prize pool had all teams playing at their best, which was very enjoyable to watch.

The Standouts

The art of sniping is so coveted teams will pick up players based on this fact alone. One of those guys that just have it we all know as Snip3down. Most of his play this weekend was a highlight real about every game. Snip3down very seldom gets overshadowed during competition.


I went to the HCS Season 1 UGC LAN and did not realize that I would be looking into the future. Denial and Counter Logic Gaming ended up in the finals to duke it out. Denial’s captain Mikwen started blaining people with ease on the sniper. In my honest opinion Mikwen was the true MVP caring his team then consisting of Ryanoob, Chig and Cloud to victory.


Mikwen had improved his skills behind the 14.5x114mm round of the SRAS99C Sniper Rifle. Which I will be breaking down before the Season 2 finals on our “Know Your Tool” series! Back on topic, Mikwen seem to be able to hit every difficult shot possible. At one point he went on a Sniper spree that was just incredible. You could feel everyone holding his or her breath when Mikwen picked up the Sniper. I think at one point he was quick scoping every shot and landing them just because he could. Truly impressive to watch!


The winners of the event, Evil Geniuses, did not drop a game until the finals. Even then they only dropped one game against CLG. You could defiantly tell that CLG had been working hard during practices. Most of their game play was very polished making them very hard to beat. This puts enfaces on how hard Evil Geniuses will be to beat in the finals on July 24th – 26th. Unfortunately Noble eSports will not be attending as of yet. We were just a few points shy of qualifying.

The Event 

Pro Gaming League (PGL) put on a great event for the most part. The stage setup looked sick with the lighting and all. We had plenty of seating which towards the end started to fill up. The bracket booth was on top of all the matches being played. Another tough area in running a smooth tournament is in the refereeing department. All the people running the stations did an excellent job!

Some disappoints came with bugs that just couldn’t get worked out in time. I really missed the listen in’s with the players. Apparently the audio just wouldn’t come through very well and was distorted. The projection screens where very big but needed some fine tuning with the brightness. It could have possibly been the venue washing out the screens though.


All in all, the entire event was very fun to be at. Everyone that I talked to was very friendly and willing to chat for a while. This includes Bravo, Tashi and the casting crew. At one point some guys new to watching Halo got to go behind the screens with Goldenboy. My suggestion is if can go check out the tournaments go! If you can only go for one-day championship Sunday would be the best

I can’t wait to see what ESL will have in store for the HCS Season 2 Finals! Thanks for tuning in and #StayNoble  




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