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Tue 5th Jan 2016 - 6:16am General Gaming Noble Teams

Recently we talked with Dodoma about his experiences in the World of Tanks Gold League:

So Dodoma, tell us how you became a professional WOT Player:
My first tournament team was called Pub Stars back in the old Major League days. I did a number of tournaments with them before WGLNA started. When Season 1 of WGLNA started I joined Scurry Hard, and we had a reasonably strong performance, finishing 5th in the Las Vegas finals.

How would you describe your experience that first season in the WGLNA?
I was most excited about being able to travel to a live event. It felt like we were actually winning something concrete.

Tell us about season 2 and your move to Fulcrum Gaming:
After the Vegas finals I talked with Nagatron of Fulcrum Gaming and joined their team soon after. I was a reserve player for them, but I still had the opportunity to learn and travel with the best team in the League at that time. Unfortunately I only got to spend one season with them, since I got kicked from the team… well, they were nice about it and said I wasn’t kicked, but really I was kicked.

So what did you do after leaving Fulcrum? Did you want to continue in the League?
I didn’t really want to continue with the League at the time; I wanted to watch on Twitch and be a fan, but I wasn’t feeling motivated to play. Then my good friend Rilak on River of Blood told me I should keep going and “stay current” with the professional scene in case I wanted to get serious about it again.

How did you end up joining Cunninghams, the predecessor to Noble?
The first thing I remember is Comps messaging me and begging me to join. He insists that’s not how it went, but he begged! So I joined Cunninghams for the Rumble in the West Qualifiers to see how things would go. After winning the qualifier the team travelled to Poznań, Poland for the Rumble, and we stayed in Europe for another week. That trip really decided it for me that I wanted to stay with the team and make a serious effort.

What is it like traveling with a gaming team?
The whole Europe trip was great. We went to Germany and The Czech Republic after the Rumble, and it was a great experience. Being able to travel with a team helps a lot with chemistry and team cohesion. You develop a level of familiarity that you just can’t get over Teamspeak. I don’t want to name names, but you also learn who makes a good roommate and who snores, or who knows how to read a map and who will get you lost in scary places. Now with the Pacific Rumble in Tokyo and WCA in China, we have learned to work together in just about any environment.

Ok, so you don’t want to name names, but tell us who on the team are the worst and best travelers! To be printable we’ll ask the British version: who would you “snog”, marry, or kill?
CanadianImpact is definitely one of the three… I just can’t decide which! Have you seen those eyes when he poses for pictures!?! I’m tempted to kill Militant83 because he’s the oldest and needs to be put out of his misery, but I’d feel bad- it would be like killing a friendly dog. Xsoldier is the scariest one though- he’s so small, I feel like he’s going to sneak up on me. In the end, I think I would “snog” Impact because of his cute sister, kill Xsoldier before he kills me, and marry Jerm because he already nags me about everything.

How do you feel about the renaming of season numbers?
Well it seemed a bit silly for Season 6 to become Season 1, but I understand why they did it. There is a new production company and a new format, so restarting the numbering makes a clean break between the old league and the new one.

How did it feel to be League MVP in season 5?
Not gonna lie, I felt like hot ****! But I still had mixed feelings because the team got 4th place that season with a rather poor performance in the finals. So there was a good moment for me personally, but it was dragged down by the low point for the team.

What changes did the team make to be more competitive?
A lot of things happened between our disappointing showing in San Francisco and the start of the new season 6 (or season 1 as they renamed it). Comps took over leadership of the team after AMartin223 retired, we chose a new battle caller with Jerm, and we replaced 3 players on our starting lineup. Adding the “Three Amigos”- AkulaV, Xsoldier, and CanadianImpact- was the biggest change and the biggest gamble, since team cohesion is difficult enough with guys who have played together for a long time. It took us a while to mesh, and we had a very rough start to the season while we were still working everything out. The teamwork got better over time, and by the end of the season team Noble was strong enough to win 1st place in Los Angeles.

Coming off a winning season and two more international tournaments, how do you see yourself moving forward?
I would like us to do better internationally. To do that we will have to get more serious, since good in North America is not the same as good overseas. I really like our team right now, and I see us getting a bit better all the time, but there is still more we need to do to step it up.

How to follow Dodoma:
Twitter: @dodoma_na
Twitch: Dodoma_na



VP of Operations for NOBLE E-SPORTS, LLC

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