Welcome APG to Noble Black!

Sun 8th Feb 2015 - 7:05am News

As some of you may know, Noble has a new Halo squad, also known as Noble Black. The squad consisted of Arkanum, Aries, Contra, and Maniac, before Contra was released. With the departure of Contra, Noble Pro Gaming has replaced him with Bradley "aPureGangster" Laws, commonly known as APG for short. APG recently left OpTic Halo after a very short-lived stay, due to issues with the team not playing as much as he would like, joining Noble Black shortly after. 
APG is a very dedicated and skilled player, who has competed in almost 20 LAN tournaments throughout his six year career. Though he has only won four of these events, he never had a bad placing, with his worst placing at seventh in three separate events in Halo 3. APG is replacing the young Cody "ContrA" Szczodrowski, who is not quite as experienced. ContrA has only attended 4 LAN events, and placed well, but never inside of fourth. It only makes sense to go with the consistent, more experienced APG. 

Noble Pro Gaming now has possibly the most lethal roster under them after this new acquisition. Expect a lot to come from this Noble Black squad as the future goes on. 



Brad Peterson

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