• Recon

    Founder of Noble e-Sports, LLC

    With over 17 years in the Video Games Industry, Recon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. As former Senior Marketing Analyst and Marketing Manager for Take Two Interactive and Jack of All Games, he’s been involved in everything from concept to end product. His expertise in product development and research, as well as distribution and marketing, has lead to being a consultant with companies such as THQ, MindArk and Leet. His primary focus in the last few years has pivoted to the Bitcoin and eSports market spaces, taking his extensive business and marketing experience into a new sector of gaming that is proving itself to be extremely refreshing, and on the rise....Read More

  • Texas

    Co-Owner / President OF NOBLE E-SPORTS, LLC

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  • Mazing

    VP of Operations for NOBLE E-SPORTS, LLC

    Maze also known as IVIAZING, embodies all the traits suggested by his alias through his actions as a bold and discerning visionary. Both able and willing to take action at a moment's notice for the betterment of Noble. As an innovative leader Mazing has caused waves within the world of eSports through his assertive strategies across the entire spectrum of the teams operations from marketing and presentation....Read More

  • SSawyer

    VP of Content Development FOR NOBLE E-SPORTS, LLC

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